According to authors I have spoken to – including the author of a book I have collaborated on – writing a business book has proved to be one of the best forms of PR they have ever had, both personally and on the business front. It has:

  • Established them as credible experts in their field, showcasing them as genuine thought leaders, the so-called “gurus” of their industry.
  • Positive impact on their organisation. Having an “author” on board has rubbed off on the business overall which is now seen as an organisation that not only employs the best possible talent but has leaders who are at the top of their game.
  • Unexpected business opportunities. Some authors tell me more business has come their way as a result of people reading their book. They’ve been so impressed with what they’ve read that they’ve wanted to do business with the author.
  • Generated more desirable client base. Being an author has also helped differentiate them from their competition and given them access to clients once out of their grasp. High profile, large businesses generally are more likely to work with people they perceive to be industry leaders.
  • Opened doors. Some authors tell me that by sending “difficult to crack” business prospects a copy of their book, has dramatically improved their chances of meeting with them. In fact some authors use their book as a key tool in their sales toolkit, mailing it to every possible prospect.
  • Made PR and speaking engagements easier to get. The media and conference organisers like to think they’re utilising the best possible talent – being an author fits that bill.
  • Makes you better at what you do. Writing a book helps you firm up your knowledge, ensuring you are across every aspect of your topic.
  • It produces something tangible and long lasting. As an executive or business operator or consultant, you may set up new divisions, establish leadership teams, cut costs and transform businesses but these are all invisible activities. A book is visible, your personal triumph and there for all to see.
  • Ultimately, authors will get the personal satisfaction of achieving something they’ve always wanted to. They been able to tick book author off their list.