Your business blog is core to your online presence and the best platform to kick off your social media activity. Next to actual publicity it is without a doubt one of the most powerful mechanisms for building your credibility.

A voice for your industry. Blogs offer you the opportunity to become a thought leader – to be the first to be talking to trends, changes and new innovations and to be the one providing the crucial education and advice and providing solutions to problems.

Makes you a better performer. They’re also a terrific place to showcase your expertise and talent and prove to potential clients that you know what you’re talking about, that you’re abreast of change and in-tune with what is happening in your industry. In essence, blogging makes you better at what you do by forcing you to firm up your knowledge, keep current and remain up to date.

Key differentiator. Blogs are also a wonderful point of differentiation — if your competitors don’t blog; this is a great opportunity to stand out in your niche?

Keeps you connected. They’re also one of the best ways to remain connected with customers by responding to concerns, providing tips and insights and receiving and responding to feedback. A blog post can be your little “sales call” each week.

Crisis and issues’ management. Because blogs provide a rapid mechanism for reaching your target audience, they allow you to respond immediately to issues about your products and services or important happenings in your community or industry. Within minutes you can publish a statement and have it broadcast through social media to communicate to your audiences.

Test ideas or products. Because blogs are informal and conversational in nature, you can publish an idea and see if it generates any interest or buzz, before committing yourself and spending up big.

Content creation. They’re also a wonderful way to create content for your company, particularly in the current environment where shareable content is king. A blog can provide the impetus to create marketing content and can be re-written for video, presentations, eBooks, white-papers, even publicity.

Improves your search engine ranking. Blogs are a sign of on-line activity and an indication that your website is being updated.  Google and other search engines reward sites with lots of content and sites that are regularly updated.

Finally a blog sends a message that your company “gets” social media.