Business owners, particularly small or home-based businesses, often ask me why they should bother with publicity. Is it really worth the time and effort?  

It is, and here are the reasons why.

Publicity is free. Other than costs associated with media liaison and media release preparation and distribution, every positive newspaper or magazine article, favourable media mention or interview on radio or television is entirely FREE!

Publicity gets you more attention. Paid advertisements can be skipped, even totally ignored. However if your business is the focus of an article or gets mentioned favourably in a business story, you can quickly capture the attention of the readers and engage them with what you have to say.

Publicity carries greater kudos. People have more faith in what they read in newspapers or magazine and in what they hear from radio or TV commentators than they have in paid advertising. Media mention also provides that much sought after “third-party” endorsement. Also, if your organization or name is constantly out there, doors tend to open more readily.

Publicity establishes you as an expert. If you’re constantly quoted in the media, the natural assumption is that you’re the expert in your field and someone to do business with.

Publicity builds your identity and improves your competitiveness.  The more your business is written about or the more media appearances you make, the more your organization will become a household name and set you apart from your competitors.

Publicity helps form strategic alliances. Companies are more likely to engage with you if are an expert of leader in your field.

Publicity has greater staying power. When you’re written up in a publication, your story is often passed on to others to read (particularly is the information provided if useful and has general application.) Some companies even use reprints of stories for marketing purposes.

Also, if you’re quoted in one place, you’re more likely to get quoted in other places. If you’ve been in the media, you also have a better chance of getting a gig as a speaker at meetings and conferences. It gives you instant celebrity.