This is a question I regularly get from clients who’ve started a blog and are now faced with the weekly or fortnightly task of developing content.

As mentioned in my previous post, blogs are a wonderful opportunity to showcase your expertise and talent and become a thought leader so talk about that things that do just this and avoid the temptation to do a hard-sell.

A good place to begin is to answer the questions your clients and customers are asking.  Check in with your salespeople or make a point of asking your clients when you’re next in touch.  Better still, pose your own question and let your readers create the content.

As an industry authority you need to be talking about trends, changes, new legislation, innovations, new research and current affairs affecting your industry.  You convey authority when you tell how things are evolving in your industry and by providing the crucial education and advice where appropriate. Keep up to date by developing Google Alerts for these topics or by tapping into your traditional sources of intelligence.

If you’ve been to a conference, quote great speakers or tell readers about the latest trends and ideas from the conference and if your organisation is looking to implement any of these.

Review a product or service. This shouldn’t be one of your own products or services or a direct competitor’s offering, but rather a related item your customers might want to learn about. Provide even greater value by comparing two or more related products or services.

Be controversial. Disagree with a popular opinion. Get traffic by stirring up controversy and taking a contrary position.

Create variety with video posts. You can give a sneak preview of a new product or show a promotional event. Even go behind the scenes and give readers a video or photo tour of your plant, design department or the part of your business you’d like to show off.

Make a podcast. Record a quick interview with an expert or just provide a few of your own useful tips.

Client testimonials are also wonderful fodder for blogs. When you receive a great testimonial from a customer, ask for permission to turn it into a post. In fact, use the post to solicit more customer stories.

Happy blogging!