The reasons for doing so are pretty compelling. Writing an eBook for your business is a fabulous way to share your knowledge, promote your expertise, engage your customers and raise your brand awareness ….. all, without having to do the hard-sell.

This new and fast-growing form of content generation is also the perfect platform for providing would-be clients with the opportunity to really get to grips with what you have to offer and how your expertise can be of assistance to them.

This is especially useful for customers you’re finding difficult to get across the line as access to an eBook gives them the opportunity to truly digest what you have to offer. In essence it’s the virtual equivalent of sitting down for a cuppa and talking to them for another two hours.

Because eBooks are generally several pages in length, they allow you to provide customers and would-be customers with truly quality information and in the process, help establish you as a provider of quality, in-depth information and an authority in your field.

While for many, eBooks may be a way of generating an income stream, for others they represent a wonderful way to build a client database and generate vital sales leads.

In my next blog I will talk about the key questions you should be asking yourself before committing yourself to writing an eBook and getting down to the hard work of putting pen to paper.

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