2 09, 2019

What journalists really want

With our ever changing media landscape, we’re struggling to keep abreast of what it is that appeals to journalists. What precisely should we be doing to secure much sought-after coverage?

The findings from the latest Cision 2019 State of the Media Report
(which surveyed 1,999 journalists around the world)
show that while some things have changed in […]

12 08, 2019

Top PR trends for 2019 re-examined

we are well into 2019, this excellent article on PR key trends is just as
applicable now as it was at the start of the year.

are some of my key take-outs:

There will be stronger alignment between PR and content marketing and a trend away from self-promotion and a more enhanced focus on educating, engaging and […]

5 08, 2019

The rise and rise of the transformational thought leader

Andrew Mackenzie, BHP Billiton

What on earth is a transformation thought leader I hear you yell out loud?

It is someone who uses their position at the helm of an organisation, community group or movement to drive change, clean up poor industry practices or encourage their greater eco-system to take a new course of action beneficial […]

31 07, 2019

BHP head displays his thought leadership credentials

Andrew MackenzieDirector of BHP Billiton Limited and BHP Billiton Plc, Chief Executive Officer

It was with a sense of mounting excitement that I read of BHP chief executive, Andrew Mackenzie’s announcement that the resources giant will be doing its bit to address our escalating climate change crisis.

Its ‘bit’ comprises spending millions to create […]

20 05, 2019

What do thought leaders have in common?

I’m often asked this question by people attending my personal branding and thought leadership masterclasses so I thought I’d do a review of Australia’s key influencers and acknowledged thought leaders and determine what it is these people have in common.

 (A quick heads up: Thought leaders are those
unique individuals we turn to for their […]

13 05, 2019

Who are our Australian thought leaders?

I’m in the process of pulling together a booklet on Australia’s thought leaders and would dearly love your input in this regard.

I am looking for people who’re not just our acknowledged experts and informed opinion leaders but people who are using their status to drive positive change in their industries, communities and the greater […]

8 04, 2019

Can publicity help drive change for the better?

This image appeared in The Guardian, 6 Sept, 2019

Can regular and consistent media coverage of an issue or problem change hearts and minds and ultimately deliver positive and long-lasting changes?

Yes it most decidedly can.

Over the past two years I have been helping health advocate, Health Issues Centre, (HIC) bring the attention of the public […]

1 04, 2019

Where should I start my thought leadership journey?

Should I write a business book? Should I become a TEDx speaker? Should I start a podcast series? Should I try getting coverage in the media?

These are the all too frequent questions I get from CEOs wanting to become to the ‘go-to’ for their industry or ambitious executives chasing board or other high-profile […]

19 03, 2019

Five rules for creating killer thought leadership content


Becoming an acknowledged thought leader will remain one of the key leadership and business aspirations into 2019 and beyond.

Intrinsic to achieving this goal is creating content that is
useful, informative and dare I say, memorable.

Here are my top thought leadership content rules which can be
applied regardless of whether you’re blogging, engaged in public speaking,
podcasting, developing a […]

1 03, 2019

Danny Vadasz: fighting for the rights of the health consumer

In previous blogs I told you that
I was on a quest to uncover Australia’s acknowledged and emerging thought
leaders and that over the next little while will identify these unique
individuals and unpack what it is that puts them into this much sought-after category.

Danny Vadasz

Thought leaders are those special folk who consistently add to the body […]