25 06, 2018

How to create your personal branding statement

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, a critical component of positioning yourself as a thought leader or the go-to expert in your field, is getting your personal branding right.

But where on earth should I start, is a regular refrain from clients and prospective clients. “Should I write that business book, start blogging or secure […]

18 06, 2018

How to maximise on winning an award

I was recently asked by a client of mine what they should be doing to make the most of an innovation award they had garnered for their ground-breaking software. How could they use this win to better position themselves as leaders in their field while at the same time driving future sales?Here are five […]

28 05, 2018

Should I give a damn about media coverage?

In today’s communications’ environment where businesses are increasingly getting the word out about their organisations via paid media (social media and Google advertising), owned media (blog posts, whitepapers, e-books, videos), and shared media (social media), has media coverage become irrelevant?

In a word NO.

Media coverage has become even more highly prized than it once was […]

14 05, 2018

Personal branding: the starting point of thought leadership

Yes,  I know the term ‘personal branding’ has many of you cringing, reaching for the vomit bag or conjuring up images of people wearing red dresses, bow-ties, braces or oversized green glasses.And sure, at a very simplistic level, personal branding is in part that.

It’s the art of establishing a highly prescribed image or impression […]

8 05, 2018

Top five reasons why individuals are embracing thought leadership

Companies and business leaders have been using public relations and thought leadership for decades to build their visibility, status and standing in order to attract new clients and become the voice and authority for their industry.

Now with the advent of social media and the myriad of online communications at their disposal, individuals have the […]

17 04, 2018

Can anyone be a thought leader?

Sorry folks, there’s much more to it than meets the eye.

Either you’re a thought leader or you’re not. You already have knowledge others don’t have and the education, experience, know-how or original research to support this knowledge.

You’re also that person who is capable of original thinking, fresh ideas and new insights. You have the […]

10 04, 2018

Is thought leadership good for my career prospects?

This is a question I’m increasingly asked by ambitious executives looking to make it to the C-suite so I figured it was high time I provided a response – thought leadership IS without a doubt the best career insurance about!

And why do I say this?  In providing my answer, I thought I’d quote US […]

13 02, 2018

Time for academics to reclaim the thought leadership mantle

This wonderful blog posted on UK academic blogsite, Acadenema, pretty much sums up the state of play across academia globally:

Academics exist in a little bubble and are at risk of being left behind as tomorrow’s thought leaders.

According to blog author, Iain Woodhouse (who himself is an academic), while this ‘bubble-ness’ is what has made […]

15 01, 2018

Top five PR and communications trends for 2018

As we reluctantly pack away our thongs and bathers, don our city clothes and head back to the office after a well-earned summer break, our gaze inevitably turns to the horizon.
What will be the top communications and public relations trends for 2018 and how we can stay ahead of the curve? What does the […]

20 12, 2017

Six rules for creating the right kind of thought leadership content

Becoming an acknowledged thought leader will remain a key leadership aspirations into 2018 and beyond.
However, intrinsic to achieving this goal is the creation of content that not only positions you as an expert but that is useful, informative and … memorable.

Here are my top SIX thought leadership content rules that you should apply regardless […]