All successful businesses have knowledge on certain topics and their own unique intellectual property (IP). Being able to communicate this effectively to your target markets is one of the keys to being viewed as a thought leader.

Thought leadership marketing has emerged as one of the most powerful ways for brands to establish their authority and grow.

Being the acknowledged industry thought leader builds your business’s credibility and visibility which in turn opens doors, makes you moreappealing to journalists, investors, conference hosts, policy makers and customers.

Parker Public Relations helps businesses build and communicate their thought leadership brand.

Our tactics include a comprehensive mix of strategy, social media, publicity, authoritative content, blogging, public speaking, video, podcasts, and business book development.

Services in detail:

Parker Public Relations will:

  • Help you clarify and showcase your organisation’s area of expertise. This could be about what your business does best or critical knowledge you have that others don’t.
  • Help you determine what your business stands for.
  • Develop your thought leadership tagline.
  • Develop your thought leadership strategy and action plan.
  • Develop a key contacts and stakeholder list.
  • Identify and connect with the media, conference organisers and other stakeholders.
  • Clarify stories around your unique knowledge and how they can be used in a variety of ways and across multiple platforms.
  • Channel your business’s knowledge through blogs, newsletters, media releases, authoritative content, videos and podcasts.
  • Identify branded collateral and magnets for lead generation.
  • Implement communication platforms and appropriate technologies on your behalf (social media channels, alerts, monitoring tools and analytics).
  • Adapt your thought leadership tagline and messaging to your website, social media profiles and other key collateral to ensure they align with what your business stands for.
  • Secure media coverage on your behalf
  • Secure your leaders access to the talk circuit
  • Develop workshops which demonstrate your organisation’s knowledge and skills.
  • Develop platforms to enable your business leaders to research ideas and be in a position to predict what will happen in your industry or sphere of authority in the future.