Personal branding is the process involved in positioning yourself as a leading authority in your industry or key practice area.

Having a strong brand elevates your credibility, differentiates you from your competitors, builds your reputation and ensures you have a much greater impact.

Let’s face it, when it comes to someone choosing which lawyer, accountant, architect, engineer, consultant or business services professional they would rather do business with, clients are more likely to choose recognised experts who regularly share their knowledge and deep insights and help us make sense of the world.

Bottom line, they choose people who they can trust and who they believe will do the best possible job for them.

The other big advantage of having a strong personal brand is its ability to “humanise” you and make you more likeable and relatable. It gives you a forum to tell your story and explain what makes you tick, what makes you unique and why people like working with you.

But how do you start building your personal brand? What’s involved?

Parker Public Relations has developed a special coaching package directed at professionals and subject experts looking to manage their own personal branding journey.

Our coaching package includes a compulsory start-up module designed to help you get started on your journey.

Once implemented, you can choose if and how you would like to work with us moving forward. You may choose to go it alone and only dip in for occasional advice and problem-solving or you may require us to help you in a more hands-on capacity. The choice is yours.


Step 1 – Personal branding workshop

The process will kick off with a 2-hour personal branding strategy workshop. During the workshop we will clarify:

  • Your personal branding goals
  • Expert niche. What makes you special?
  • Key audiences. Who do you need to talk to? This can include your ideal client, your referral partners and other key stakeholders.
  • Your communications platforms. Social media, publicity, personal website, public speaking, business book.
  • Your personal story. A strong personal brand is almost always supported by a compelling story.
  • Your tagline. Who you help and the big value you provide.
  • Determine your imagery and headshot.
  • Secure information to write your bio and social media profiles.
  • Determine what professional groups you should join online.
  • Develop a list of relevant industry experts, journalists, bloggers, podcasters and conference organisers.
  • Determine how you will engage online.

Step 2 – Develop your personal branding & strengthen your online presence

Following the workshop we will:

  • Develop your social media profiles
  • Create email signatures to reflect your expert niche
  • Add new social media platforms where relevant.
  • Begin the process of connecting online with key audiences
  • Set up Google Alerts and other notifications. This enables you to actively ‘listen’ to what is happening in your industry
  • Ensure social media platforms are optimised and quickly found online.
  • Set up monitoring tools and analytics to measure your progress.

Step 3 – Social media engagement workshop

In this 1-2 hour workshop we will teach you how to engage appropriately online. This includes how to:

  • Comment powerfully on other people’s content.
  • Curate high quality content that is relevant to the needs of your ideal audience.
  • Create original content that is useful and valuable to your target audience.

We will also determine how often you should engage online and develop a 6-month program of activity.

Remember the more active you are, the more relevant you become.


Once the key fundamentals are in place, you can choose to work with us ongoing.

This can include:

  • Turning to us from time to time for coaching, advice or problem solving
  • Developing original content on your behalf – blogs, social media content, articles, media releases, speeches, video and podcast scripts, e-books.
  • Reaching out to the media and generating publicity
  • Exploring conference, event keynotes and other presentation opportunities.
  • Sourcing videographers, podcasters, web developers, photographers, graphic designers, etc.
  • Developing your personal website.
  • Writing training and lead generation materials

Developing a strong personal brand and engaging powerfully online will build your reputation and credibility with your customer base and ensure you are the one they choose to do business with.

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