Our services are designed for those of you who would prefer Parker Public Relations to manage SOME or MOST thought leadership activity on your behalf.

Our coaching and communications services include:

  • Developing your thought leadership strategy
  • Developing your personal and thought leadership branding
  • Creating your thought leadership tagline
  • Strengthening your online presence
  • Building your social media sites and personal website (if one is deemed appropriate).
  • Creating your social media/website profiles and bios
  • Setting up alerts, notifications, monitoring tools and analytics.
  • Connecting you with key audiences, professional groups, conference organisers, journalists, key influencers.
  • Developing your thought leadership narrative and content plan.
  • Identifying branded collateral and magnets for lead generation.
  • Copy-writing and content creation – blogs, social media content, articles, media releases, speeches, video and podcast scripts, e-books, website content, training materials and branded collateral and magnets for lead creation.
  • Publicity and media liaison. This will involve reaching out to the media and securing publicity on your behalf.
  • Social media management. Clients can manage some or all this process themselves or outsource management to Parker Public Relations.
  • Sourcing and project managing videographers, podcasters, web developers, photographers, graphic designers, etc. on your behalf, ensuring you project is completed on-time and to your requirements.
  • Business book coaching. Help you get started and remain on track while writing your book
  • Exploring conference, event keynote and other presentation opportunities.

While Parker Public Relations will manage ALL thought leadership strategy, branding and implementation at the outset, you have the choice of which services you would prefer to take care of and which you would prefer to hand over to us to manage on your behalf.

What our Clients Say:

“I engaged Wendy when I realised that I needed to communicate my ideas to the broader community. Wendy helped me focus my vision and articulate it in a clear and succinct way but also explained the dynamics of thought leadership and what I was about to embark on. Her associate Trudy Rankin gave me a crash course in social media tools that complemented my action plan. I have since readjusted my thinking about what I do and how I project myself. I would recommend Wendy’s company to anyone wanting to better understand themselves and how they can engage with other thought leaders and communicate their messages to a broader audience.”

Len Sciacca, Enterprise Professor – Defence Technologies, Melbourne School of Engineering

“Understanding your brand value can be a difficult undertaking. Wendy’s personal branding and thought leadership coaching, strategy and action plan allows you to begin navigating this complex area with purpose. The clear structure she provides in enhancing your reputation and capability to present as a leader in my field was of an enormous assistance. Importantly, her approach is grounded in authenticity which makes the process very comfortable and empowering.”

Murray Smith, State Manager (Vic)General Manager AHPRA (Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Authority). Former Director, Vic Building Authority.

It was great to learn from Wendy’s experience and insights into thought leader and how to share my ideas with my professional networks. Wendy took me through a wide range of tools and processes – from the most fundamental to the more advanced. I now putting these ideas into practice and am excited about where this will lead …”

– Matthew J Barnes Technical Co-founder @Drawboard