You’ve written your eBook. Your graphic designer has given it a sensational layout and cover. You’ve decided you’d like it to generate income for you and have created a shopping cart and uploaded it to your website.

But don’t think you can now sit back and expect the world to miraculously stumble upon your book. You need to actively reel in potential buyers, bring them to your site and make a sale.

So how exactly do you do this?

Get your digital ducks in a row. Before you start promoting your book, make sure that you have a blog, plus some social networking platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest being the most popular). While a blog requires effort it will increase traffic to your website and at the same time show off your expertise and reassure potential purchasers that you can in fact write.

Begin the engagement process early. Rather than waiting for the completion of your eBook before engaging online, begin the process several weeks before you have finished. Talk about what’s special about your book, what readers can expect to learn from it, if it’s a first of its kind and so on. Once it is complete and ready to purchase, provide people with a taster by giving away a free chapter or content. Add some testimonials to this free content to encourage people to purchase your entire book. Make sure the free content you offer has value in itself and isn’t just a summary of your book.

Social media profiles. Don’t forget to promote your authorship on your social profiles and link back to where your eBook can be purchased. Also promote your authorship in electronic newsletters, business cards, email signature, your website, and more.

Make a Video. People love to know the authors behind great content. Make a short video talking to the camera about why you wrote it and why it will useful to readers.  Share your video on your YouTube channel, with a post on Facebook, LinkedIn and tweet the link.

Publicity. Don’t forget the more conventional way of promoting your book – sending out a media release and securing coverage and interviews on TV, radio and print. Blogs and websites are also a growing arena for book reviews. To secure reviews with either online or offline media, you need to send them ‘review copies’. These can be PDFs of your book or you can get copies printed.

Promote your book at talks, seminars or workshops you give. Be sure to have the download URL in readiness to give to attendees.

Finally, ask your networks for testimonials. These can be used on your website, video or eBook landing page. There is nothing like a really great testimonial to get your eBook sales into top-gear!