Helping CEOs and business owners communicate effectively on LinkedIn.

The world has changed and so have the expectations of our leaders.

Your clients, investors, partners and employees expect to hear directly from you. After all you’re the face of your organization and the clearest representation of its culture and brand.

They want you, the CEO, to be telling them where the organisation is heading and why it is or isn’t travelling well. They also want your insights on matters impacting the industry, not to mention your stance on issues of public or social importance.

And they absolutely want to hear from you when things go horribly wrong!

So, if you as the CEO are missing from LinkedIn or not taking advantage of the visibility it offers … people will notice!

Parker Public Relations has developed a step-by-step approach to helping CEOs and business owners develop their personal brand, grow their presence and communicate with authority on LinkedIn.

STEP 1 – LinkedIn Strategy Session

The process will kick off with a 2-hour strategy workshop during which we will clarify your:

  • Goals and purpose for being on LinkedIn.
  • Key audiences and who you need to connect with.
  • Background and personal story. A strong personal brand is almost always supported by a compelling story.
  • Your visual identity
  • Secure information to create or update your personal LinkedIn page.
  • Determine what stories you will share and comment on.
  • Determine your thought leadership niche.
  • Understand what stories you will tell.
  • Determine what content and issues you will monitor.

STEP 2 – Following the strategy session:

Parker Public Relations will:

  • Complete your LinkedIn strategy and content plan.
  • Develop your personal LinkedIn profile.
  • Ensure it is optimised and quickly found online.
  • Ensure your company website bio reflects your LinkedIn profile.
  • Ensure your email signature reflect your thought leadership niche or what you stand for as a CEO.
  • Begin the process of connecting you with key audiences on LinkedIn.
  • Ensure you are “following” relevant experts and thought leaders in your field. This enables you to access quality content for sharing online.
  • Set up Google Alerts and other notifications. This enables you to actively ‘listen’ to what is happening in your industry.

STEP 3 – Teach CEOs how to engage with impact on LinkedIn.

You will learn how to:

  • Engage with impact on LinkedIn – how to comment, curate and share content with added insight and authority.
  • Share content created by your public relations and marketing team.
  • Create original thought leadership content that is useful and valuable to your target audience. (Alternatively, Parker Public Relations can create this on your behalf)
  • Understand how to include storytelling in your content.


Once the key fundamentals are in place, you can choose to work with Parker Public Relations ongoing.

We can:

  • Provide ongoing advice or problem solving.
  • Develop content on your behalf.
  • Help you de-escalate a crisis.
  • Reach out to the media and generate publicity on your behalf.
  • Explore conference, event keynotes and other presentation opportunities.
  • Source videographers, podcasters, web developers, photographers, graphic designers, etc.
  • Help you write a business book.
  • Help manage risks on your behalf.

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