Your PR and communications strategy is more than the glue that holds tactics together. It provides the direction and rationale for everything we do as we endeavour to take your business or organisation from anonymity to heightened visibility.

With thoroughness and attention to detail, Parker Public Relations will help you create a robust and highly integrated PR and thought leadership strategy and action plan. This typically involves a 2-3 hour strategy session.

Our PR and thought leadership strategy will enable us to clarify:

  • Your business and thought leadership goals
  • Your business offerings and how you deliver these to the market
  • How you differentiate yourself in the market
  • Define your expert niche
  • Determine your tactics and communications channels
  • Clarify your audience – both primary and secondary, including key stakeholders
  • Understand audience pain points and where you can provide value
  • Determine your narrative journey.
  • Develop your tagline
  • Identify relevant media and conference organisers
  • Business book ideas
  • Content for your branded collateral or lead magnets
  • Website updates and improvements.
  • Develop your action plan

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