20 10, 2020

Parker Public Relations contributes to success of prestigious community awards

Parker Public Relations has played a major role in helping leading environmental group, Keep Victoria Beautiful (KVB), deliver its prestigious Sustainable Communities – Tidy Towns Awards in what has been an extremely challenging year.

Not only did we provide KVB with clarity and
direction around what exactly it was delivering but we dramatically ramped up the
number and geographic […]

6 10, 2020

What the media wants

Despite the continued shedding of jobs and closure of media outlets (exacerbated with COVID-19), how the media chooses to engage with businesses and their publicists has remained largely the same, according to the Cision State of the Media Report 2020.

By providing journalists with great stories that resonate with their audiences and by helping […]

14 09, 2020

How to maximise on winning a business award

business award season … and you’ve won an award. Do you sit back, put your feet
up and bask in glory of being a winner?

folks this is where the hard works starts. This is where you use your win, to not
only position yourself as a leader and innovator in your field, but to turn your
win […]

8 09, 2020

What is thought leadership?

This question was put to me just the other day by someone looking to attend my thought leadership webinar but unsure whether it was applicable to them or not.

This is how I explained it. It’s the PR process (some would say ‘marketing’ process) and the tactics used by individuals or organisations to position themselves […]

25 08, 2020

Six rules for creating killer thought leadership content

Positioning yourself or your organisation as a powerful authority or thought leader will be a critical leadership and business aspiration as we begin the long and painful journey back to normality post COVID-19.

And intrinsic to achieving this goal is creating content that is
useful, informative, challenging and more importantly … leads the conversation.

Here are my […]

3 08, 2020

When to take a passive approach to thought leadership

I’m often asked by people pivoting their businesses, changing their area of specialisation or embarking on a new area of study, if they should delay their thought leadership ambitions.Yes you should.

Avoid putting out original content or providing learned commentary until such time that you have accumulated deep experience, knowledge and expertise in their […]

27 07, 2020

The 101 of Thought Leadership Workshop

yourself as a powerful authority and the go-to expert in your industry or field
will be a critical leadership and business aspiration as we begin the difficult
and painful journey back to normality post COVID-19.

But how do you get started and what’s involved? 

In our highly interactive free one-hour webinar, The 101 of Thought Leadership, we will provide you […]

7 07, 2020

The tell-tale signs you don’t cut it as a thought leader

Leadership is one of the most widely used, often abused and least understood
communications tactics available to the marketplace. There’re differing opinions
about what it is and fuzzy expectations about its benefits.

Our simple definition is that thought leadership is a sophisticated communications strategy used by individuals, businesses and organisations to build credibility by becoming the recognized […]

22 06, 2020

How does thought leadership content differ from other content?

This is a question that regularly comes my way so I figured it was high time I got round to answering it.

Although similar in execution, thought leadership content dives much, much deeper than typical content. It informs and educates, provides insights, challenges the status quo and ultimately positions you and your organisation as […]

18 05, 2020

The who’s who of Australia’s thought leaders

I could have
written a book about how to position yourself or your organisation as an
authority or thought leader … but that’s already been done.

Instead I’ve listened to the people attending my workshops and pulled together a guide to the who’s who of Australia’s thought leaders, their key contribution and the communications’ channels they’re using […]