3 08, 2020

When to take a passive approach to thought leadership

I’m often asked by people pivoting their businesses, changing their area of specialisation or embarking on a new area of study, if they should delay their thought leadership ambitions.Yes you should.

Avoid putting out original content or providing learned commentary until such time that you have accumulated deep experience, knowledge and expertise in their […]

27 07, 2020

The 101 of Thought Leadership Workshop

yourself as a powerful authority and the go-to expert in your industry or field
will be a critical leadership and business aspiration as we begin the difficult
and painful journey back to normality post COVID-19.

But how do you get started and what’s involved? 

In our highly interactive free one-hour webinar, The 101 of Thought Leadership, we will provide you […]

7 07, 2020

The tell-tale signs you don’t cut it as a thought leader

Leadership is one of the most widely used, often abused and least understood
communications tactics available to the marketplace. There’re differing opinions
about what it is and fuzzy expectations about its benefits.

Our simple definition is that thought leadership is a sophisticated communications strategy used by individuals, businesses and organisations to build credibility by becoming the recognized […]

22 06, 2020

How does thought leadership content differ from other content?

This is a question that regularly comes my way so I figured it was high time I got round to answering it.

Although similar in execution, thought leadership content dives much, much deeper than typical content. It informs and educates, provides insights, challenges the status quo and ultimately positions you and your organisation as […]

18 05, 2020

The who’s who of Australia’s thought leaders

I could have
written a book about how to position yourself or your organisation as an
authority or thought leader … but that’s already been done.

Instead I’ve listened to the people attending my workshops and pulled together a guide to the who’s who of Australia’s thought leaders, their key contribution and the communications’ channels they’re using […]

21 04, 2020

Who are our COVID-19 thought leaders?

As the former Mayor of New York
Rudolph Giuliani once said, “it is in times of crisis that good leaders
emerge.” A somewhat flawed individual, he became widely admired as the embodiment
of an indomitable spirit in the wake of 9-11. 

Winston Churchill did much the same in Britain’s darkest hour in 1940. At the beginning of the Second […]

10 02, 2020

From Leader to Thought Leader Workshop

Would you like to become the respected expert or authority in your industry of field? Are you tired of being a well-kept secret and want to be top of mind for your thinking and big ideas? Do you have something worthwhile and powerful to say but don’t know how to cut through the noise?

We […]

13 01, 2020

How do I determine my thought leadership niche?

This is a question that regularly pops up in my workshops and during thought leadership coaching sessions so I figured it was high time I got round to answering it.

When choosing your niche:

Ideally focus on one area and do it really well. Your niche should address a genuine problem, need or gap in the
marketplace.Choose […]

16 12, 2019

Top communications predictions for 2020

As the 2019 rapidly draws to a close it may be worthwhile to
spare a thought for the New Year and what it holds on the communications and public
relations front.

Here are some of my predictions. However, rather than just peer
into my own crystal ball; I did a whip-around of the PR gurus I admire […]

2 12, 2019

The importance of purpose for thought leadership

The big take-out for those attending my 101 of Thought Leadership workshop last week was the importance of asking yourself WHY. Why do you want to be thought leader? What is your big motivation?
Is it simply about building your visibility and credibility and is it about  creating a platform and the licence to inform […]