Writing a business book is one of the best ways of establishing yourself as a credible expert and genuine thought leader.

Being an ‘author’ helps differentiate you from your competitors, opens doors and gives you access to clients once out of your grasp.

However getting started on your business book and staying the distance is usually the hardest part.

This is where we come in. We will help you determine the topic, title, purpose and intent of your business book and assist with the overall outline. We will also work closely with you during the writing phase, providing content ideas, chapter structure and general problem solving.

Bottom line, we will help you stay on track.

Our services in detail:

We help would-be authors:

  • Determine the topic, title, purpose and intent of their business book.
  • Assist with book outline, chapter structure and content ideas.
  • Stay on track during the writing phase, acting as a sounding board and trouble shooter.
  • Get manuscripts publisher-ready
  • Put authors in touch with publishers. Publishers are responsible for final editing, book and cover design, illustration, proofreading, printing and distribution.
  • Provide publicity and social media marketing.
  • Assist authors secure public speaking gigs.

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