Publicity is critical to positioning you as an authority or thought leader in your industry or field.

We take a flexible approach to the way we deliver our publicity services, providing both a DIY and done-for-you approach to delivering our services. This enables you to choose the option that best suits your budget and your circumstances.

DIY Publicity Coaching

Our DIY Publicity Coaching Package is directed at those who want to manage their own publicity but simply need the tools for getting started.

The package will be delivered via Zoom until such time that COVID restrictions are lifted.

The package (which includes a 2-3 hour strategy workshop as well ongoing coaching), covers off:

  • Your strategy and action plan
  • The media stories you should tell
  • The media you should reach out to
  • How to engage and liaise with the media
  • How to write media releases and backgrounders
  • Key message development
  • Media training
  • How to maximise coverage on social channels
  • Free access to The Ultimate Guide to DIY Publicity


Done-for-you Publicity

This is directed at those without the time or resources to manage the process themselves. This service is available for both short one-off publicity campaigns and ongoing media liaison and campaigns.

 Services in detail:

  • Research/review existing publicity practices and processes
  • Strategy workshop and strategy development
  • Media list development
  • Media action plan/calendar of activities
  • Media liaison
  • Media release development, distribution and follow up
  • Media interviews
  • Media training
  • Key message development
  • Maximise your publicity on social channels

As a former journalist and specialist business magazine editor, Wendy Parker has a sound understanding of the day-to-day workings of Australian media. She also has long-established relationships across news, business and trade media nationally, enabling greater cut-through and better message control.

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