Okay, so you’re convinced you should write an eBook and that it’ll be good for business. However, before putting pen to paper, you need to be asking yourself a few very pertinent questions.

Why am I writing the book? Is it to simply showcase your expertise, generate leads, create a new source of income or provide readers with their very own guide or ‘how-to’ document. Be clear what is it is as this will drive the process.

What should it be about? It absolutely should not be about your service or product – that’s the realm of marketing. Ideally it should be about something that truly benefits your reader but in the process, shows off your expertise in a particular area. Also rather than second-guess what you clients would like to read, take the time out to survey your core audience to ensure your book meets their needs.  Most importantly, ensure that it hasn’t all been said before. If it has, there’s the opportunity to talk about your approach or your ‘take’ on a specific issue or problem.

Who will buy it or want to read it? Don’t just say “everyone”! Be specific. For example: “People with DIY super funds looking to purchase property”, “Entrepreneurs looking for guidance about how to structure their businesses”, “Mothers of teenagers who have issues with addiction,” etc.

How long should it be? Your eBook can be as long or as short as you like. The length will really depend on the purpose you are using it for. For example, if you want to sell the eBook for a high price then you need to make it worthwhile for your customers and provide them with sufficient in-depth information. If you want to give the eBook away for free then perhaps something shorter, say 10-20 pages in length.

Should I use a coach or copywriter? The decision is yours entirely. People often use coaches to get clarity on their topic, their title, their audience and their structure. After that, they go it alone. Others outsource the entire job. Ultimately your decision will be driven by the time you have available and your level of comfort with writing.

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