So please, please stop confusing the two.

Content marketing is about creating and distributing relevant content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and well understood target audience. Think marketing personas.

It’s about tapping into the minds and emotions of customers by understanding what drives their collective mindset and tailoring content which connects with them at a very deep level.

Bottom line; content market is all about driving sales.

Thought leadership on the other hand is another beast entirely.

As Forbes’ leadership contributor, Davia Temin, so succinctly explains in her blog on the topic:

“Thought leadership …. creates prestige for organizations …. (it) tells potential clients and customers, … that if we think this deeply, and with great knowledge and expertise, then you (our customers) will surely want us on your team (because)we can add significant value to your efforts.”

So if you or your leadership team are the trusted ‘go-to’ authorities for your expertise and knowledge and are regularly out there providing valuable insights, informed opinion and shaping and leading the conversation – be it off on online – it stands to reason that would-be buyers will feel more confident purchasing your product or services.

However, like all public relations activity, sales is simply a by-product of all your hard work.

The main game for thought leadership is to give your business status, standing, kudos and cachet.

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Content marketing VS thought leadership – a very different execution

The other big difference between content marketing and thought leadership is who is doing the executing?

Walter Adamson, GM Victoria for Kinship Digital, sums this up in his blog:

“Thought leadership cannot be outsourced, it comes from individuals. It does not need to be finely tuned and crafted …. and often comes with a willingness to buck the status quo.

Thought leaders focus on crafting ideas, not audience reaction and reach.

They write as they speak and they earn respect because of the depth of their ideas not the breadth of their reach. Their reach will evolve organically without needing cat videos and infographics.

Being a thought leaders means putting your own personal thoughts out there in whatever form appeals to you … It’s not about the medium. It’s about the message and it’s about filling in the white spaces which teams of content producers don’t even know exist. Perfection is not required, but a mindset capable of joining the dots in ways not commonly seen by others … along with a simple commitment to share.”

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