Parker Public Relations has played a major role in helping leading environmental group, Keep Victoria Beautiful (KVB), deliver its prestigious Sustainable Communities – Tidy Towns Awards in what has been an extremely challenging year.

Not only did we provide KVB with clarity and direction around what exactly it was delivering but we dramatically ramped up the number and geographic spread of entries. Rather than a concentration of entries from a handful of areas, entries have come from across the entire state.

In addition Parker Public Relations dramatically increased the amount of publicity on previous years, securing coverage in local and regional media across the length and breadth of the state.

In existence since 1983, the Sustainable Communities – Tidy Towns Awards have gradually moved beyond simply rewarding towns for their tidiness.

Today they recognise and celebrate grassroots initiatives and positive actions taken by individuals, community groups, educational institutions, businesses and councils in rural and regional Victoria.

These include programs and projects that change behaviours, protect the environment, reduce waste, preserve our heritage, increase social wellbeing, celebrate Indigenous culture and encourage strong leadership, especially among our youth.

Ultimately the awards celebrate all those actions that improve, empower and build resilience in local communities.

For many struggling during COVID-19, entering the Sustainable Communities – Tidy Towns Awards acted as a powerful antidote to the pandemic, providing rural and regional communities with a sense of purpose and something to strive towards.

This is what Keep Victoria Beautiful CEO, Sabina Wills, had to say about Parker Public Relations’ involvement in the awards:

“As a small not for profit we have big ideas but a lack of people/resources/skills to deliver. Using Wendy and her team to help us was a fantastic decision. It helped us clarify what we’re doing and delivering. Wendy is calm with a steely determined spine that really helped build our reach and impact.”