I could have written a book about how to position yourself or your organisation as an authority or thought leader … but that’s already been done.

Instead I’ve listened to the people attending my workshops and pulled together a guide to the who’s who of Australia’s thought leaders, their key contribution and the communications’ channels they’re using to take their thinking and big ideas to the world.

Also rather than simply focussing on the high profile thought leaders and public icons out there, I’ve also included the lesser known thought leaders who are most likely only recognisable in their immediate industries or communities.

I have also ensured the people included in this booklet come from all walks of life – business, not-for-profits, social enterprises, the government sector, universities and the community more broadly.

I have also chunked up the thought leaders into specific categories – those who are recognised solely for their knowledge and expertise and those who have more specific objectives or motives for their thought leadership, be it to:

  • Solve problems
  • Create industry-wide initiatives
  • Raise awareness about key issues or problems
  • Challenge and change behaviours
  • Drive best practice
  • Advocate on behalf of their industries or communities
  • Take a stand on important social and political issues

Naturally this guide is not exhaustive and not does cover off every thought leader out there. It is only a start. In the months ahead, in fact ongoing, we will continue adding new faces to our burgeoning honours’ role.

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If you know of someone you believe should be included in the booklet, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. My details are below.

But for now, happy reading!

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