Defining your expert niche or ‘zone of genius’ is easily the biggest challenge facing CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs and pretty much anyone looking to build their authority or thought leadership.

While most of you will have a pretty good idea of what your niche should be, given that it is usually dictated by the business or field you are in, here are a few prompts for those of you who don’t quite have a handle on what it should be.

(Defining your niche will be key discussion point during Week 1 of the Build Your Authority in Six Weeks challenge. The challenge kicks off on Thurs 4 February and runs until 11 March 2021.)

Your niche should be something you:

  • Know a lot about that others don’t or have a fresh perspective that others can’t provide .
  • Have built your career on or possibly done research on.
  • Something you’re qualified to pass opinion on.
  • Relevant and valuable to your target audience
  • Something that addresses a genuine problem, need or gap in the marketplace.
  • Something you’re passionate about. There is no point in talking and writing about something you have no genuine interest in or have lost interest in. Remember your niche will be the backbone of your content, your social media, publicity, talks, podcasts and business book.
  • If you’re running a business or you’re consulting, your niche should most definitely dovetail with or be what your business is about. It wouldn’t make sense being an authority or thought leader on a topic that bears little resemblance to what you do on a daily basis.
  • That said; don’t attempt to write or talk across the full breadth of your business offering. Instead pick a topic or a narrow band of topics … and attempt to dominate the conversation in this narrowed down arena.

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Who is the Build Your Authority in Six Weeks challenge suitable for?

SMEs or start-ups looking to reboot, pivot or begin a new business venture.

What you will come away with? By the end of the six week challenge you will:

  • Be crystal clear on your of area of expertise and understand where you can provide your customers or audiences with the greatest value
  • Have positioned you and your business powerfully online – social media, websites and professional sites
  • Be engaging intelligently and with immense insight on social media and other platforms
  • Creating your own authoritative content
  • Be ready to reach out to the media or already have done so
  • Have created you first e-book or other piece of thought leadership collateral

Be well on your way to becoming an acknowledged authority in your industry or field.

Build Your Authority in Six Weeks runs for 1.5 hours each week from Thurs 4 Feb 2021 to Thurs 11 March 2021.

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