I’m often asked by people pivoting their businesses, changing their area of specialisation or embarking on a new area of study, if they should delay their thought leadership ambitions.

Yes you should.


Avoid putting out original content or providing learned commentary until such time that you have accumulated deep experience, knowledge and expertise in their new field. You run the risk of severe embarrassment or public ridicule if you get things wrong.


However, there is nothing to stop you from building your visibility and credibility in a more passive way:


  • Develop your personal brand on social media.
  • Connect with people critical to your future plans.
  • Ensure your connections include acknowledged experts in your industry or field.
  • Comment on what they say on social media but do so intelligently.
  • Engaging vicariously through these leading experts will stand you in good stead until such time that you are ready to engage as a fully-fledged thought leader.




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