Happy to announce that my webinar, ‘WHY THOUGHT LEADERSHIP MATTERS’ is now available on my YouTube channel.

It is directed at business owners, consultants, subject experts and academics looking to build their visibility and credibility with their clients, communities and stakeholders vital to their future success.

In the webinar, I tackle the FIVE key steps critical to getting you started on your thought leadership journey.

  • Get clear on your target audience. Who are you trying to sell to or influence?
  • Research your target audience and pay special attention to their challenges and concerns. Having this vital information at your finger-tips will enable you to position yourself as the expert that addresses these issues.
  • Clarify your niche or topic area as this will drive what you will be talking and writing about moving forward. If you are a subject expert in a specific area, this will likely influence what your topic area will be.
  • Determine which tactics and communications channels you will use. Your choice should be determined by what your clients or your community are consuming.
  • Your content.  What should you talk and write about? What kinds of stories should you be telling? Ultimately your content should be helpful, useful and address issues that matter most to your audience.

Should you be interested in growing your thought leadership and need more help, do get in touch. I am contactable on: 0422 694 503