Why should I bother with personal branding and thought leadership is a question often tossed my way by business owners, consultants and C-suite executives (particularly those responsible for growing their consultancies or practices)?

Isn’t it all a bit insincere, inauthentic and somewhat shallow.

If done well it is anything but. It will quickly and effectively position you as an authority in your industry or field, elevate your credibility with your customer base and differentiate you from your competitors.

Let’s face it … when it comes to choosing who to do business with, clients are more likely to choose recognised experts who are often out there dispensing their deep knowledge and useful insights.

Bottom line, they choose people they can trust and who they believe will do the best possible job for them.

So do investors, policy makers, funding bodies and other key decision-makers. They want to know that the person or organization they’re dealing with or lending money to, is good at what they do.

Being a recognised authority also gives you greater access to the media.  The media is always on the look-out for people who can provide expert commentary for stories or are great talent for interviews.

Similarly, conference organisers are more likely to invite you to headline a conference or be a speaker if you are a proven expert. 

The other big advantage of having a strong personal brand is its ability to “humanise” you and make you more likeable and relatable. It gives you a forum to tell your story and explain what makes you tick, what makes you different and why people like working with you.

And finally …  if you’re positioned powerfully as an authority or expert, not only will your credibility grow but by default so will that of your organisation or employer.

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