Should you separate your executive brand from your brand as an influencer?

I already have strong recognition as an influencer in the positive body image space on Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere. Should I combine this with my executive brand as change management professional on LinkedIn?

I was asked this question at a recent personal branding workshop I ran for Executive MBA students at RMIT.

(I’ll refer to the person asking the question as Jennifer.)

And my response to Jennifer’s question: keep your brands separate but DO provide some overlap and connectivity between the two.

We now live in a world where we bring the ‘whole’ person to work and no longer move heaven and earth to quarantine our professional lives from our private lives.

So how should all this be reflected in Jennifer’s personal branding activities?

As a change management professional in the B-B space, Jennifer should absolutely have a personal profile on LinkedIn. While this would primarily focus on her expertise and big successes in the change management arena, lower down in her profile she should mention that she is body positive plus size fashion fanatic and influencer.

Also, while her content on LinkedIn should principally be about her area of expertise, from time to time she should refer to her crusade promoting the visibility and acceptance of all body types.

Including this information would speak powerful to who Jennifer is as a person – that she is passionate and prepared to take a stand and speak out on behalf of women!

And who wouldn’t want to employ someone like Jennifer or have her advising their team or consulting to their business?

Equally when it comes to Jennifer’s influencer platforms (Facebook and Instagram), similar treatment should apply.

While her key focus should primarily be about influencing change in the fashion industry and promoting a positive body image, from time to time she should refer to her day job.

In fact, she could even mention that her expertise – both in a personal and professional capacity – is all about changing hearts and minds and encouraging people to view the world differently!

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