Our masterclasses are designed for those who would prefer to manage their own personal branding and thought leadership but simply need the tools, knowledge and know-how to get started.

Masterclass 1 is focussed on building personal brand while Masterclass 2 is about learning to communicate like a thought leader. For those looking to position themselves as thought leaders, it is ideal to attend both for the best possible outcome.

The workshops are suitable for:

  • CEOs, senior management, community leaders, futurists, change-makers, innovators and academics. These are people who already have something powerful and worthwhile to say but don’t how to communicate their thinking and big ideas to the world.
  • Executives and professionals looking to become thought leaders down the track. They are wanting to build their personal branding and online presence in preparation for taking the big leap to thought leadership.

While our masterclasses are best suited to individuals they can include groups. Naturally the bigger the group, the less the opportunity for individualised attention.

Given the hands’ on nature of our workshops, participants will be required to bring their own laptops or devices to work on.

There will be a half-hour break for refreshments mid-way through  masterclasses. Coffee and light refreshments will be provided.

Masterclass 1: Personal Branding for Thought Leaders

This four-hour workshop is designed for those who would like to take charge of their own personal branding.

During the workshop, you will:

  • Learn more about the big benefits of thought leadership and personal branding.
  • Begin developing a strategy and action plan.
  • Define and clarify what it is that makes you unique and where you can add value
  • Determine your thought leadership niche.
  • Understand your key audiences and best platforms to communicate from.
  • Develop a thought leadership branding statement (tagline).
  • Review your online presence and discover how to deal with inappropriate or harmful content that could confuse or damage your brand.
  • Develop your online profiles and bios (with the appropriate optimisation)
  • Learn how to build your visibility and brand online.
  • Keep track of information in your industry, field or niche.
  • Successfully navigate the communications platforms you have developed.
  • Connect with key audiences, professional groups, conferences organisers, journalists, bloggers, conference organisers and other key stakeholders.
  • Source, curate and re-share content online.

Participants will also receive templates and checklists which will help with the development of:

  • Your strategy
  • Your tagline
  • Your online profile/s and bios.
  • Your social media activity plan

Key outcomes:

Moving forward you will be armed with all the right tools, knowledge and know-how to take charge of your own personal branding journey and begin building your presence online.

What next:

  • You can book into – Workshop 2: How to Communicate Like a Thought Leader. (See more below)


Masterclass 2: How To Communicate Like a Thought Leader

(Participants will need to have completed Workshop 1: Personal Branding for Thought Leaders)

This four-hour workshop has been designed to take your thought leadership to the next level.

During the workshop, you will:

  • Understand what stories resonate with your key audiences and best position you as a thought leader.
  • Learn how to develop your narrative.
  • Find out how your stories can be used in a variety of ways and across multiple platforms.
  • Learn how to create original content – blogs, social media posts, media releases, articles, speeches, presentations, video and podcasts scripts, etc.
  • Develop your content and action plan
  • Find out how to liaise with the media
  • Learn to keep track of your engagement and progress via analytics.

Participants will also receive templates and checklists which will help with the development of:

  • Your content and action plan
  • Blogs, articles, speeches, media releases, and scripts.

Key outcomes:

Moving forward you will be armed with all the right tools, knowledge and know-how to take charge of your thought leadership journey.

Should you need more:

What our Clients Say:

“I engaged Wendy when I realised that I needed a voice communicate my ideas to the broader community. Wendy helped me focus my vision and articulate it in a clear and succinct way but also explained the dynamics of thought leadership and what I was about to embark on. Her associate Trudy Rankin gave me a crash course in social media tools that complemented my action plan. I have since readjusted my thinking about what I do and how I project myself. I would recommend Wendy’s company to anyone wanting to better understand themselves and how they can engage with other thought leaders and communicate their messages to a broader audience.”

Len Sciacca, Enterprise Professor – Defence Technologies, Melbourne School of Engineering

“Understanding your brand value can be a difficult undertaking. Wendy’s personal branding and thought leadership coaching, strategy and action plan allows you to begin navigating this complex area with purpose. The clear structure she provides in enhancing your reputation and capability to present as a leader in my field was of an enormous assistance. Importantly, the approach is grounded in authenticity which makes the process very comfortable and empowering.”

Murray Smith, State Manager (Vic)General Manager AHPRA (Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Authority). Former Director, Vic Building Authority.

It was great to learn from Wendy’s experience and insights into thought leader and how to share my ideas with my professional networks. Wendy took me through a wide range of tools and processes – from the most fundamental to the more advanced. I now putting these ideas into practice and am excited about where this will lead …”

– Matthew J Barnes Technical Co-founder @Drawboard

“’Thought leadership’ was a term that I’d not encountered until someone suggested it might be useful. Going to Wendy and Trudy’s Master Class was enlightening and constructive. I look forward to working with both of these great women in the future as I continue looking for ways to be more effective in the world (well at least on my little patch!)”

-Geoffrey Binder, Research Professional in behaviour and organisational change