In today’s multi-channel world, social media communications have become a fundamental part of any PR program.

While Parker Public Relations has long provided this service as an outsourced offering, we have now brought the entire activity in-house, providing our clients with a more comprehensive and seamless public relations and social media offering.

To enable this, we have partnered with digital strategist and online business coach and consultant, Trudy Rankin from West Island Digital.  Trudy specialises in helping people and businesses take the struggle out of adopting digital technology.

What combining forces means for our clients is that they get their digital advice and content recommendations and creation all from the one place. There is no going from pillar to post in search of assistance from multiple providers.

It comes from the one location.

It also means that all content developed for publicity, newsletter, white papers, speeches and other PR related documentation can be re-purposed or redeveloped for social media requirements, providing you with much greater bang for your buck.

Well aware that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to social media and keeping in mind that clients’ needs vary, Trudy and I have developed a series of packages to best suit differing requirements.

These tiered packages cover the full spectrum of user needs, catering for those who are:

  • Keen to manage much of the social process themselves but are simply looking to get started or improve on what they are already doing.
  • Wanting to take a DIY approach but still need assistance with social media tools and require some training.
  • Needing a bit more such as content recommendations and a plan, someone to build their social media platforms and processes and train them in how to use them effectively.
  • Looking to outsource the entire social media process – from building their platforms and processes, implementing them and managing all content creation and posting on their behalf.

Should you be interested in speaking with Trudy or myself about your social media requirements, don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 0422 694 503 or emailing us at: