I was recently asked by a client of mine what they should be doing to make the most of an innovation award they had garnered for their ground-breaking software. How could they use this win to better position themselves as leaders in their field while at the same time driving future sales?Here are five key things I advised them to do. In fact, my advice is very universal and can pretty much be taken on board by anyone looking to get the most out of their win.

Tip 1 – Get your win up in lights on your website

Ensure everyone coming to your website knows that you’re an award winner.

On your home page upload the award logo (ideally to the top right of the page) then link this back to your news page or blog page where visitors can get the full low-down.

Tip 2 – Share the good news with your social followers

Blog about your award win and post the information to your social media channels. Let readers know why you earned the award and why the win is important to your organisation. Make sure you include a tonne of photos from the award ceremony and be sure to tag relevant people in the photo. This way they will get notified about your post and are more likely to share it with their followers, taking your win to a much broader audience.

On the topic on social media, ensure you include information about your win in your social media biographies. Better still; include the award logo in your social media profile.

Tip 3 – Notify all relevant stakeholders of your win

What I mean by stakeholders are customers, prospective customers, suppliers, critical government agencies, peak bodies, business or referral partners and the community – pretty much anyone you need or would like to inform.

Let them know about your big win via your newsletter or by email.

For potential customers teetering on the edge of making a decision, knowing you are an award winner could be the clincher.

Tip 4 – Tell the media

Securing media coverage is a sure-fire way of getting the word out fast. You can let the media know via a news release or by messaging them direct on social media.

If you are sending out a release, make sure to include information about the award, the reason why you won it, what winning means to your organisation and ideally secure a quote from the organisers.

Tip 5 – Display the award logo on all relevant materials

Don’t see winning an award as a one-hit wonder.

Maximise on the special moment moving forward. Include the award logo on all marketing materials, client documentation, tender documents and quotes, company brochures, booth signage at exhibitions and trade shows, even on your email signature.

Also make sure you brief your sales staff to notify prospective customers about your good news.

Leave no stone unturned!

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