Andrew Mackenzie
Director of BHP Billiton Limited and BHP Billiton Plc, Chief Executive Officer

It was with a sense of mounting excitement that I read of BHP chief executive, Andrew Mackenzie’s announcement that the resources giant will be doing its bit to address our escalating climate change crisis.

Its ‘bit’ comprises spending millions to create a climate investment program to reduce emissions from its own operations and while also pushing for its customers to reduce theirs.

It couldn’t have been easy for Andrew given that the steel industry is one of the greatest contributors to greenhouse gases and his announcement is a major departure from the Australian resources industry and government’s approach which is about putting off action on climate change and ignoring so-called “scope 3” carbon emissions. These are emissions from steel mills and power stations in other countries which burn Australian iron ore, coal and gas.

In his landmark speech in London last week, Andrews emphasized that global warming required a “coordinated global response” and that no single solution could combat it.

He said it was incumbent on all emitters, resource companies, customers and consumers to play their part along with governments to meet the climate challenge.

So why do I call Andrew a thought leader?

  • Rather than playing politics and kow-towing to industry, government and other pressures, he is focussed on doing the right thing by the planet.
  • He is not attempting to advance himself, his business or his brand but is using his status to influence positive behaviour change across his industry.
  • He is passionate, courageous and unafraid to speak out. He knows he’ll cop a lot of flak but he understands this is part and parcel of thought leadership.
  • He is absolutely encouraging his competitors to follow his lead. I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear from them in the very near future.  
  • Andrew is a great communicator and understands that in order to be influential he needs to provide his communities and audience with regular access to his thinking and ideas. He is a regular in the media and constantly on the talk circuit, so getting the word out there is by no means proving an impediment to him!

Hats off to Andrew! May he go the distance and get a recalcitrant industry to do the right thing!

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