The big take-out for those attending my 101 of Thought Leadership workshop last week was the importance of asking yourself WHY. Why do you want to be thought leader? What is your big motivation?

Is it simply about building your visibility and credibility and is it about  creating a platform and the licence to inform and educate your communities, raise awareness on issues, change behaviours or influence positive public debate and thinking. 

Knowing your purpose and intent helps you determine how you position yourself online, who you talk to (your audiences) what actions you take and the stories you tell.

It also helps define the platforms you will use and whether or not your thought leader motivation lends itself to blogging, publicity, podcasting, the talk circuit or writing a business book.

It is the critical 101 of every thought leadership strategy!

Do you have something worthwhile and powerful to say but don’t know how to position yourself as a thought leader and take your thinking and ideas to the world?

Parker Public Relations provides one to one coaching and group workshops which are designed to help you get started on your thought leadership journey and turn to us for additional assistance if and when required.

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