Although we are well into 2019, this excellent article on PR key trends is just as applicable now as it was at the start of the year.

Here are some of my key take-outs:

  • There will be stronger alignment between PR and content marketing and a trend away from self-promotion and a more enhanced focus on educating, engaging and delivering value to audiences.
  • Personal branding and thought leadership for business leaders will become an even greater priority. So the way your key employees and company leaders brand themselves will play a big role in the way your audience connects with and trusts your brand.
  • There will be a growing expectation by the media that businesses play a role in sharing publicity secured with their audiences in order to drive up views of content and articles.
  • While there is less trust in the media globally, there has been an exponential increase in trust of experts. So businesses need to take advantage of this and where possible use CEOs and technical experts to share their knowledge and insights more frequently.