Is the effort involved with entering an award truly worth my precious time?

This is a question many businesses are grappling with right now as we move into award season and as many of us begin the difficult task of rebuilding post COVID lock-down.

And my response to the question … this couldn’t be a better time to enter a business award.

For starters, winning an award – even being shortlisted – gets your name out in flash and ensures you haven’t been forgotten.

It also signals to the market that you’re innovative and creative and really good at what you do and worth keeping an eye on. Over the years I’ve seen how winning an award has opened doors for many of my clients and given them access to customers and markets which were previously out of their reach.

It also gets you noticed by funders and investors which right now is what many of us need as we look to re-invigorate our businesses and kick-start growth.

Basically it provides businesses with that much sought after credibility and is a fantastic way of differentiating your company from your competitors.

And finally … with team morale at a low ebb right now, winning or being shortlisted helps boost confidence and put a spring back into the step of your team members, particularly those who have helped you pull off your big win.

So not surprisingly being an award winner also makes it so much easier to recruit new staff … particularly much sought after talented staff. 

If you are the best, the best will want to work with you!

So if you’re hesitating about whether or to put your efforts into entering award … hesitate no more!

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