When it comes to connections, does quantity trump quality on social media?

This is one of the questions that was put to me during my thought leadership webinar last week so I figured it was well worth sharing.

Should you aim at having thousands of connections or simply focus on fewer quality connections?

If your focus is on driving business opportunities and sales, then it is usually about the quantity of connections. That said: ensure that those you connect with are in fact your ideal audience or the people who may influence your ideal audience.

However, if you are looking to be a thought leader and need to influence or address a specific group of people – then of course, quality trumps.

By focussing on fewer quality connections allows you to interact at a much deeper level and talk about things the general public might not understand, let alone have interest in.

However, for the vast majority, adopting a happy middle ground is probably the best approach to building your connections on social media.

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