This question was put to me just the other day by someone looking to attend my thought leadership webinar but unsure whether it was applicable to them or not.

This is how I explained it. It’s the PR process (some would say ‘marketing’ process) and the tactics used by individuals or organisations to position themselves as an authority or thought leader in their industry or field.

These tactics can include personal branding, blogging, social media, publicity, business books, talks, podcasts … basically any and everything that enables people to showcase their expertise and build their visibility and credibility, both on and offline.

  • Entrepreneurs, business owners and consultants use it to demonstrate they are good at what they do and worth doing business with
  • Influencers use it to enter the public debate and to coerce and persuade
  • Innovators – to introduce new or difficult concepts
  • Business leaders – to educate and encourage best practise
  • Community leaders – to raise awareness and advocate
  • Academics and scientists – to draw attention to their research
  • Journalists – to help us make sense of what is happening in the world 
  • Activists – to launch a movement and drive change
  • CEOs and the C-suite –  to find the next major role

So as you can tell thought leadership has multiple applications and the people using it come from all walks of life.

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