Happy to announce that my latest guide, ‘Crafting a personal LinkedIn profile that positions you powerfully … and sells you effectively is now available for you to download.

The guide is targeted at business owners, consultants and subject experts (responsible for growing their legal, accounting and personal services’ practices) who use their personal LinkedIn profile to grow their visibility and credibility in order to attract new clients.

It addresses the top TWELVE rules for getting it right:

RULE  1 – View your profile through the eyes of your customer

Is it ticking all the boxes from their perspective? Does your profile explain how you meet their needs or solve their problems and why you are best placed to help them achieve their goals? Also does your profile make you likeable and relatable – someone customers would feel comfortable and at ease working with you?

RULE 2 – Use a conversational tone

Unlike your organisation or employer’s company LinkedIn profile (which is more business-like in tone and presentation), your personal profile should be written in a more conversational style as this allows you to instantly build rapport with your customer base.

RULE 3 – Say why others like working with you

What it is that keeps bringing clients back? Is it your personal touch, preparedness to go above and beyond, your ability to cut through the jargon or roll up your sleeves and get involved?

RULE 4Let people know what you do outside work

With today’s workplace increasingly being about bringing the ‘whole self’ to work (and not creating a separation between our personal and professional lives), this is no different on social media, even professional platforms like LinkedIn. So do say a couple of things about yourself as this detail helps to humanise you and makes you more likeable and relatable.

RULE 5Tell a story… but only if it is relevant

Kick off your profile by telling a story about what triggered your decision to start your business or to grow your expertise in a specific area. What was it that lit your flame? The wonderful thing about telling a story is that it makes you more personable. However only tell story if it is truly pertinent!

RULE 6 – Get crystal clear on your client-base

In your profile, clearly indicate who your clients or customers are right  NOW … not who they were a decade ago or who you may like them to be in the future. Even go as far as drilling right down to the industry/ies they are in, the size or type of organisations they work for and the job titles they hold.

RULE 7 – Use your LinkedIn headline powerfully

Your headline should provide visitors to your page with enough information to decide whether or not to read further. Indicate what you do, who you serve, even the big outcome clients can expect from your service. Remember the clearer you are, the easier it is for clients to find you on LinkedIn.

RULE 8Use a professional profile picture

The photo you choose speaks volumes about who you are and your level of professionalism. Make sure it is a clear professional head and shoulders shot, that looks like you and has you looking at the camera smiling or with a pleasant or engaging expression.

RULE 9 – Include a relevant background image

Your background image (banner) is there to support what you’re trying to say in your headline. Make sure the image you select speaks strongly to your area of expertise or specialisation or to the industry or sector you do most your work in … even the geographical location you service.

RULE 10 – Make clever use of the ‘featured’ element

This LinkedIn section presents an excellent opportunity to showcase work you’re proud of and that is representative of your professional identity. This can include a video about your business or specialist area, a book or guide you have authored, a webinar, presentation, podcast, slide-share … even media coverage or a great article you’ve published on LinkedIn or elsewhere.

RULE 11 – Include endorsements and recommendations

Visible endorsements or recommendations will show those who view your profile that you’re trustworthy and have a solid track record as a professional.  They are serve as solid evidence that you have reached a certain level of industry expertise.

RULE 12 – Ensure that your profile is search engine optimised (SEO)

In addition to including keywords that clients may search on in your headline, go the extra mile and include these words elsewhere – in your profile summary, job descriptions and skills! Also rename your profile photo and banner image using your primary keywords.

Need help? Parker Public Relations can assist you:

  • Write your personal LinkedIn profile
  • Determine who you should connect with on LinkedIn
  • Understand which LinkedIn professional groups you should join
  • Set up systems to stay across what is being said in your industry or specialist area
  • Comment with authority on LinkedIn
  • Curate or develop original thought leadership content

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