With the amount of content available on-line, is it truly worth my while chasing publicity?

In a word, YES. It gives you what social media, blogs and advertising don’t – that all important third party endorsement.

Sure … you can that from customers providing endorsements or from positive comments on your social media.

However what media coverage does it elevate that third party endorsement to a whole new level.

It flags to your audiences that journalists not only have a high regard for you and for your organisation but they believe what you have to say is truly worthy of writing or talking about.

Better still – according to research from leading global PR firm Edelman – securing media coverage increases consumer trust in your organisation at a much faster rate than mentions on social media.

The other big benefit of coverage is that when a journalist chooses to use your insights and information in an article or interview it instantly positions you as an authority or thought leader in your industry or field.

And finally … coverage rapidly ratchets up the visibility of your brand.

Some of you may argue that you achieve this by having a great website or strong social media presence. But let’s face it, how often do people actually choose to visit your website or social pages unless strongly encouraged to do so!

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