After the two years we’d all prefer to forget … what does 2022 have in store for us on the PR and communications’ front? What is on the horizon?

What’s working, what’s not and how can we improve on what we are doing right now?

This is what PR pundits from around the world are saying and what Parker Public Relations is witnessing first-hand.

Critical focus on building a strong brand

We will see many more businesses and organisations focussing on telling their story, revealing their personality, showcasing the people ‘behind their brand’ and articulating where they stand on key social, environmental and governance issues.

We’ll be hearing more about how businesses are championing important causes, doing the right thing by the environment (i.e. using biodegradable packaging), operating ethically and sustainably and giving back to the community (donating a portion of sales to a cause).

Part of building a strong brand will see many more organisations jostling to position themselves as authorities and thought leaders in their industries or fields. This will see a proliferation of blogs, videos, e-books, podcasts, videos, reports, webinars and social media looking to educate, inform and provide valuable insights and information.

What this means to you: Ultimately having a strong brand will not only strengthen your communication with customers but will build credibility with the media and provide them with the confidence to write about you!

Personal branding will be an important business PR strategy

In 2022 we will see more CEOs and business leaders emerging from behind the anonymity of their brands to become the “human face” of their organisations. They will be the ones communicating directly with customers and shareholders, creating and sharing content on social media and raising awareness on issues relevant.

In addition to the head honchos putting themselves out there, we will also see an explosion in the number of organisations encouraging and supporting their leadership team and subject matter experts to build their personal brands and ramp up their digital presence.

As businesses are discovering, they benefit from their leaders showing up consistently, offering valuable thought leadership content and spreading positive messages about their brand.

Media coverage still be highly sought after

Media coverage will continue to be a highly prized commodity in 2022. However with the number of staff in newsrooms in decline and journalists increasingly stretched for time, there will be an even greater need to provide the media with as much help as you can muster.

This will mean providing them with well-researched stories and everything they need to turn a story around in a hurry. This will include access to relevant data, images, video overlay as well as rapid access to spokespersons capable of providing additional commentary and further insights.

2022 will also see a focus on niching and building strong relationships with just a handful of relevant journalists.

So rather than targeting every man and his or her dog with your idea or media release, it will be about targeting a chosen few. This will mean clearly identifying who these key contacts are, how they work, what they dislike and how they like being communicated with.

What this means to you: By finding common ground with a handful of ‘besties’ and assuring them that you have what they need and that you can deliver in a way that suits them, will ensure a strong and mutually worthwhile relationship.

Critical focus on amplifying your publicity efforts

In 2022 there will be a big focus on maximizing every piece of coverage you receive by promoting across social media, via landing pages, email, mobile apps and at events/trade-shows … even have your company’s leadership team share that information in their own voice.

Every piece of content can and should be used as many times as possible. Not only does this solidify brand messaging and get your message out to as many viewers and readers as possible, it generates more content that can drive traffic to your website.

As many ways as it can be said, say it. Don’t let the valuable information and content you’ve created go to waste.

Story-telling will remain popular

Already we have seen story telling being woven into business presentations, financial year-end reports, media stories, articles, social media, video and podcasts.

This trend will continue during 2022.

According to the pundits, storytelling will increasingly take the format of mini narratives highlighting people or specific initiatives, success stories, relatable heroes (people your audience can cheer for) and include the use of figurative and emotive language which paints pictures we are less likely to forget.

This will help audiences feel a stronger personal connection with brands, drive engagement and positively impact purchasing decisions.

Ultimately it will be the thing people remember most about your brand.

Podcasts will continue for extended discussions of hot topics

Podcasts will continue to be big in 2022, particularly podcasts that allow for longer, more in-depth conversations on important topics and that deliver credible information and analysis.

Organisations are finding that regardless of their industry or size,  podcasts are helpful and will continue to be useful in positioning them as thought leaders while at the same time providing a unique opportunity to reveal the ‘humanity’ of their brand.

So if you haven’t yet considered podcasting, why not get started in 2022?

Hope you found my crystal-ball gazing useful and that the year ahead proves to be a worthwhile and productive one on the PR and communications front!

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