It is just under a year ago that my business partner and I, Trudy Rankin, introduced our thought leadership branding packages onto the market and the feedback we’re getting is most encouraging.

In a nutshell our done-for-you and coaching packages provide industry leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, academics and change-makers the low-down on how to become the recognised thought leader or ‘go to’ expert in their respective industries or fields.

As the guru, they become that all important expert who people turn to for their wisdom, knowledge, opinions and ideas. They also become that unique individual who consistently adds to the body of knowledge in their sector or challenges current thinking, champion changes and in the process make the world a better place.

Without a doubt, being the acknowledged industry guru opens doors, makes you more appealing to conference organisers, investors, journalists, policy makers … even future employers and helps you make critical connections in your industry, the community and government.

This is what some of those who have embarked on our thought leadership branding programs have had to say:

“I engaged Wendy when I realised that I needed a voice to communicate my ideas to the broader community. Wendy helped me focus my vision and articulate it in a clear and succinct way but also explained the dynamics of thought leadership and what I was about to embark on. Her associate Trudy Rankin gave me a crash course in social media tools that complemented my action plan. I have since readjusted my thinking about what I do and how I project myself. I would recommend Wendy’s company to anyone wanting to clarify their thought leadership and communicate their message to a broader audience.”

Len Sciacca, Enterprise Professor – Defence Technologies, Melbourne School of Engineering

“’Thought leadership’ was a term that I’d not encountered until someone suggested it might be useful. Going to Wendy and Trudy’s Master Class was enlightening and constructive. I look forward to working with both of these great women in the future as I continue looking for ways to be more effective in the world (well at least on my little patch!)”

-Geoffrey Binder, Research Professional in behaviour and organisational change

It was great to learn from Wendy’s experience and insights into thought leadership and how to share my ideas with my professional networks. Wendy took me through a wide range of tools and processes – from the most fundamental to the more advanced. I am now putting these ideas into practice and am excited about where this will lead …”

– Matthew J Barnes Technical Co-founder @Drawboard

Parker Public Relations in collaboration with West Island Digital offers done-for-you thought leadership  packages for those who prefer someone managing the process on their behalf and coaching for those who would prefer to ‘go it alone’ but need some help getting started.

Our thought leadership branding packages are particularly relevant to:

  • CEOs looking to boost their reputation and the credibility of the business they represent.
  • Entrepreneurs and start-ups seeking to lift their profile or seek early buy-in for products or ideas ahead of going to market.
  • Academics and researchers wanting to increase their visibility and become more relevant to the outside world.
  • Change-makers and innovators setting out to challenge current thinking, champion change and in the process make the world a better place.
  • Senior executives looking to lift their visibility and improve their career prospects
  • Late career professionals seeking appointments to boards, commissions of inquiry or high-profile community appointments.

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