2 10, 2017

Is traditional media a worthy channel for thought leadership?

Should I bother with traditional media when it comes to furthering my thought leadership ambitions, I hear you ask?  With the upsurge of social media, blogging, podcasting, videos and content marketing, hasn’t this communication channel outlived its usefulness?

My answer is a categorical ‘No’.

Publicity still remains one of the most effective tools in any thought […]

18 09, 2017

How LinkedIn can further your thought leadership ambitions

LinkedIn is easily one of the most effective channels for positioning yourself and enhancing your reach as a thought leader.

But rather than attempting to reinvent the wheel, I have dipped into the treasure trove of information provided by Lewis Howes and who are without a doubt the true ‘Jedi Masters’ of LinkedIn.

Before I begin […]

11 09, 2017

Should blogging be the basis of thought leadership activity?

With the plethora of platforms now available to aspiring thought leaders, the question is where to begin your journey.

Ask around (and other than the odd exception), the overwhelming response is: blogging is best.
Safe haven to clarify your ‘thought leadership’ ideas
I like to think of my blog as the jumping off point for all my […]

1 09, 2017

Is thought leadership just another name for personal branding?

Trawl the internet for the answer and by the end of it your head will be spinning and you will be significantly more confused than when you started out.

In the one camp you will find the marketing fraternity and others loudly proclaiming that thought leadership and personal branding are one and the same.  Then […]

24 08, 2017

Key steps to starting your thought leadership journey

So you want to become an industry authority and trusted ‘go-to’ for your expertise … but where on earth do you get started on your thought leadership journey? What are the critical first steps?

In this week’s blog, I will talk about that all important planning and implementation phase … about those critical fundamentals you […]

10 08, 2017

How thought leaders remain ahead of the content curve

This is my thought leadership summary of a top notch article by Single Grain Team. For access to the full article:

Out of Ideas? 10 Ways Thought Leaders Create Content

Before you even start brainstorming your thought leadership content ideas, it’s incredibly important to know what’s relevant to your niche or topic area. That starts with staying on top of industry-related news, trends and searches.

Single […]

28 07, 2017

How to conquer those recurring nightmares and nail your thought leadership content

The two most asked questions I get from wide-eyed, would-be thought leaders, anxiously preparing themselves for their journeys into the unknown:

What on earth do I write about?
How do I constantly come up with goods?

And my usual answer – look no further than your target audience. Let them be your guide!

After all, they’re […]

23 07, 2017

Hunting for your niche – figuring out your thought leadership specialisation

What is that one thing you want to be known as a thought leader for? What is that topic you would be happy to write and speak about endlessly?

And when I say ‘one’, I mean one. Trying to be an expert on a multitude of topics is a recipe for disaster. Opt for that […]

16 07, 2017

What do thought leaders have in common?

A similar background, same levels of education, similar industries, matching personality types …

No, no and no again.

The thought leaders I’ve worked with over the years couldn’t be more different if they tried. They’ve varied from financial and tech geeks educated in the state school system, marketing professionals determined to make their profession more ethical […]

9 07, 2017

Thought leadership isn’t content marketing

So please, please stop confusing the two.

Content marketing is about creating and distributing relevant content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and well understood target audience. Think marketing personas.

It’s about tapping into the minds and emotions of customers by understanding what drives their collective mindset and tailoring content which connects with them at […]